eBay’s post PayPal split mission statement

eBay Business 2014Everyone who sells on eBay should be taking a look at the slides from today’s investor presentation, one of the first views of how eBay will move forward after the split from PayPal.

First up is eBay’s mission statement: “eBay will be the world’s most vibrant marketplace for discovering great value and unique selection”. Note they say “will be” and not “is”, there is work to do.

Next interesting stats are that 75% of sales are business to consumer, 76% are new items and 80% are now sold in the fixed price format. 52% of sales are now “touched” by mobile, even if the sale is completed on a desktop mobile comes into play for more than half of all sales on eBay.

eBay’s core customers

eBay categorised 3 core customers in their investor presentation:

Core Buyers

Attributes: Enjoys Shopping; Loves Great Deals; Wants Unique Selection

SMB Sellers

Wish List: Sales Velocity; Business Intelligence; Fair Standards

Consumer Sellers

Wish List: Easy to List/Sell; Price Realisation; Secure Payments

What’s interesting here is that in recent years eBay has put a lot of effort into attracting large merchants to sell on the marketplace. It turns out that they aren’t eBay’s core customers regardless of how much GMV they bring. The core sellers are the small to medium size retailers (i.e. the majority of Tamebay readers).

Structured Data

Expect eBay to move towards more catalogue listings and insist on GTINs amd MPNs in an ever increasing number of categories. As each individual eBay listing is created by an individual seller, eBay need data points to identify products for effective marketing.

eBay’s Future Direction

eBay gave five key indicators to their future direction. Have a think about how they may impact you and your business:

  • Focus on our core buyers and sellers
  • Showcase our spectrum of value and unique selection
  • Leverage data to drive a better user experience
  • Invest in structured data to improve discoverability
  • Create engaging, multiscreen product experiences