eBay hires new Communications Chief

eBay has hired a new CCO.

Daniel Tarman will be eBay’s Chief Communications Officer after the eBay/PayPal divorce. Here’s the official announcement.

eBay CEO says, Devin Wenig says: “Dan is a seasoned executive and strong leader with the right combination of global communications and brand experience to help us lead eBay forward. I look forward to having him on our leadership team as we create the next great chapter for eBay.”

Our wish would be that Tarman looks beyond just good old-fashioned PR and public affairs when he considers his communications brief broadly. He must also not see himself as just another dusty, tedious investor relations agent.

When it comes to communication from the new eBay, it would be refreshing if the top bod also thought about sellers. The new eBay can plough new furrows and be original again. We hope Tarman is an innovator and iconoclast. If he can’t be either: we hope he will be honest.

The new eBay has a chance to refresh its old assumptions and blaze a trail when it comes to corporate comms. Devin Wenig has said he’s willing to be radical and we’ve liked the tone and timbre of his chats with Tamebay. We urge Tarman to reach out and do something new.

We’re watching. We hope to be dazzled.