Confusion re eBay BIN discount CTWENTY doing the rounds

It’s difficult to know what the deal is, quite literally. But quite a few people have contacted Tamebay today with details of a promotion.

Apparently there was a discount code – CTWENTY – offering 20% off BIN buys promoted by eBay UK on Monday.

That’s pretty much all we know for sure. And as one seller we know said on Facebook: “Why wouldn’t a retailer with over a million quid of BIN listings be made aware of this in advance? I would be shouting at sellers from the rooftops about how the marketplace was boosting sales.”

It wasn’t offered to all buyers, as far as we can see, and it also wasn’t universally available to anyone who found the code online. Moreover, it seems from reports that it was quite quickly withdrawn, even from those given the initial opportunity. There are lots of questions.

Judging by forum comments some people bagged the discount. Others didn’t and, quite possibly, it was withdrawn from use later on Monday. What do you know?

What was your experience? Did you bag a bargain? Were you a seller who benefited? All intel happily received.