Check your eBay Buyer Requirements list. There may be a problem.

We get a lot of reports of possible problems with eBay and PayPal (and other sites) and it can be difficult to decipher exactly what’s wrong or, indeed, whether there’s a glitch at all.

But this one is worth investigating, not least because it could be costing eBay sellers sales.

Here is the problem in a nutshell, as far as we can see: It would seem that buyers are being added to sellers’ Buyer Requirements list and are unable to buy from the sellers in question.

In particular it seems that buyers in the UK are being prevented from buying from UK sellers and are being erroneously informed that the seller doesn’t ship to that location.

One eBay forum contributor summarises the problem thus:

“If a buyer attempts to use Add To Basket they get the following message:
The address specified in your basket is in a location that doesn’t meet the seller’s postage requirements. You can change the delivery address in your basket and try adding this item again, or contact the seller to request an exemption.

If you check your Buyer Requirements Activity Log you MAY* be able to see users who have been blocked and the following reason is given:
Buyers in countries to which I don’t deliver
This, despite the fact they are UK buyers.”

If you check the “activity log” you’ll see a list of buyers who have been blocked from purchasing from you. It’s really worth checking yours to see if buyers are being incorrectly blocked from buying from you. Let us know if you’re seeing this problem too. (Here’s the relevant eBay help page if you need guidance: Viewing the list of blocked buyers.)

How long has this been going on for? Some sellers report it’s been happening for about a week (others suggest it could be longer).

Here are a few threads on eBay’s community forums that highlight the problem:

Lost Sales – Defect with buyer requirements – Business seller board

Rather Worrying – Anyone else got this error message? – Business seller board

What is of concern is that this is the sort of thing that a seller might not notice on a day-to-day basis. You might not check this list or even notice that sales are being declined.

We’ve asked eBay to clarify the situation and will report back if/when we hear anything. But in the meantime, do let us know: are you seeing a similar problem on your sales? How have you been impacted?

Amended at 16:21 on 18th June to add this statement from an eBay spokesperson:
“There has been an issue with adding items to Basket on the UK site, which is now resolved. A small number of buyers were affected, when trying to add some items to Basket. Buy-it-Now activity was unaffected. The issue is now resolved and importantly,there is no need for sellers to do anything.”