UK SMEs call on Cameron for stability

A survey of 1000 UK SMEs aiming to discover what small business owners want from the new majority Conservative government shows that 1/3 want a firm commitment from David Cameron’s administration to stay in the EU.

The government has promised a so-called in/out referendum before the end of 2017. Prior to that Cameron is expected to try and get some concessions from Brussels.

Other issues that the SMEs surveyed called for was a simplified PAYE system. A cut in business tax rates and action on late payments.

David Postings of Bibby Financial Services said: “It is clear that the question of EU membership is a key concern for UK PLC. This is something the new Government will need to manage carefully as uncertainty will undoubtedly affect confidence and – ultimately – economic growth. How the UK’s relationship with the EU is redefined will have a real impact on the referendum. If Brussels fails to listen and act, the UK’s membership is at risk.”

Postings also said: “The new Government must address the economic challenges ahead and create a stable environment for small businesses to flourish. The businesses we speak with tell us that this should encompass a reduction in the business tax rates and clarity on the tax regime over the next five years.”