Reply with Offer feature now live on eBay UK

The “Reply with Offer” feature is now available on eBay UK.

Sometimes called “private offers”, this is a new function that we wrote about in April that allows sellers to respond to buyer questions with a price offer or bulk discount if they get in touch. It isn’t something the buyers can initiate and basically seeks to tackle off-eBay trade.

It doesn’t affect Best Offer. You can get a taste of what it looks like in this screengrab. (User ID and location details have been shielded, but you’d get that in a real instance.)

Reply with offer

Chris wrote about it fully here. And as he noted, it’s a good way of dealing with buyers who are looking for a cheeky deal.

It has several advantages, although it needs development. Further improvements should include the ability for sellers to effectively bundle up and discount on sales across multiple listings if they wish.

Have you seen or used Reply with Offer yet?