PayPal’s Dan Schulman promises “fundamental change”

Dan Schulman, PayPal’s head honcho, and the man who will be king after the Paypal/eBay divorce in the second half of 2015, gave us a glimpse of his plans for the future of the company and he’s thinking big. More interestingly, eBay is in the background.

Dan Schulman

PayPal’s Dan Schulman

Schulman said: “You’re going to see a fundamental change over the next three, five, 10 years, with more of it going to mobile and point-of-sale checkout.”

You can read a text he published online here and that was part of a publicity push that also involved him speaking at an event in San Francisco last week. PayPal’s Bill Ready also published some information about the firm’s developments here.

According to Schulman, customer focus is at the centre of PayPal’s success: “Unlike many organizations in payments and financial services, we built our platform around principles that align PayPal’s interests with the interests of those we serve. We succeed when our customers succeed. We grow when we make it easier for people to move and manage money and connect to the things they value. We thrive when we help merchants deepen their knowledge of their customers while respecting their privacy.”

But cycle back. Rewind. Take a look at that online post Schulman made again, read it carefully, and one thing jumps out. At no point does he mention eBay. Not once. Now, THAT IS interesting.