How to get Amazon to ship sub £20 orders free

Amazon Doubles SuperSaver Delivery Minimum Order smFollowing the news that Amazon have imposed a minimum order value of £20 in order to qualify for free Super Saver delivery, tech website Gizmodo has posted a solution showing how to get around it.

Basically according to Gizmodo, all you need to do is place your sub £20 order and then simply add an out of stock item. Gizmodo recommend a pre-order item with a delivery date well into the future, such as Halo 5: Guardians for Xbox One which won’t be out until October this year.

Amazon will then happily split your order and ship the in stock items but the best bit is that they’ll only charge your for products on the date they ship them. Once you’ve received your items cancel the pre-ordered item and tell Amazon that you don’t want it any more!

It’s a bit naughty and doubtless Amazon will get wise to the tactic and find a way to stop part shipping orders in sub £20 lumps, but at the moment it works.