Greenpeace slams eBay and Amazon over energy use

Environmental campaign group Greenpeace has been examining the energy usage policies and practice of major firms. Two companies it levels criticism at are eBay and Amazon.

eBay was marked down for having no renewable energy commitment and using facilities served by coal powered power stations.

Greenpeace says: “Establishing a long-term goal for 100 per cent renewable energy, as other sector leaders have done, with midterm achievable milestones, would help drive critical conversations with eBay’s electricity and colocation vendors on how they can help eBay become renewably powered.”

Amazon Web Services (AWS) was also slammed. Greenpeace criticised AWS for being unable to give customers a clear idea on how their data centres are powered.

According to Greenpeace’s report: “AWS’s continued lack of transparency is a problem that will likely become a bigger concern to its customers. AWS has recently stated that it is currently 25 per cent renewably powered, but with no additional detail provided. As it stands currently, neither customers nor stakeholders have an effective basis of evaluating AWS energy performance.”