Ecommerce deliveries are clogging up mailrooms says Doddle

Doddle boss Tim Robinson says it has a huge opportunity because some workplaces are becoming reluctant to accept personal deliveries at the office because they’re clogging up the firm’s mailrooms.

Doddle offers collection points at railway stations and elsewhere so shoppers can conveniently collect parcels as they go about their daily business.

Robinson says: “We’ve got data from one building in Canary Wharf during the Christmas period which showed that 80% of parcels in the mailroom were personal deliveries. Even in October it was 50 per cent. More employers are banning it to free up their mailrooms.

We have a big education job to do through marketing and advertising to change customer attitudes and behaviour. It is our biggest challenge.

Some people like getting goods delivered to home, others are using click-and-collect in store more and another response we sometimes get is the office solution. People tell us ‘why do I need your service? I can get my purchases sent straight to work’. The idea of having a third party location is not well understood. It is our job to tell people that they can use us as a secondary delivery address.”