eBay Feedback reforms are in the pipeline

There can be not doubt we’re going to see many new things from eBay in the not too distant future.

In the next few months (in the second half of the year) eBay and PayPal will split and it will be vital for both to be seen as strident and individual. Wall St. must be satisfied. But we have no idea what the single entities of PayPal and eBay will be thinking or doing.

So that’s why Devin Wenig’s comments last week are intriguing. Wenig is currently the head of Marketplaces at eBay Inc. And he’ll be CEO of the newly independent eBay sans PayPal after the spin-off.

He was asked about feedback during a shareholder call and he said: “we probably can build a slightly better system.”

But it was more than idle speculation, he continued: “I’m going to say more about that in due course, but I would say that we’re looking very carefully at buyer abuse of sellers, and irrational feedback, and feedback that is not tied to quantitative measures. And that will be an important part of how we look at revising whatever system we put in place as we roll out toward the end of this year and next year.”

There are plans in the pipeline, it seems.

Sounds good? What would you urge Devin Wenig to change about eBay feedback to make it a truly fair reflection of seller performance and great resource for buyers?