eBay announce “Promoted Listings” feature

eBay Promoted ListingseBay have announced that from late June a new Promoted Listings feature will enable sellers to increase the velocity of sales through greater exposure on the site.

Jordan Sweetnam, Vice President, eBay Seller Experience, wanted to let Tamebay readers know that the aim of Promoted Listings is to help sellers build sales velocity. That’s why it’s not CPM (pay when your ad is seen), CPC (pay when someone clicks on your ad) or indeed any form of CPA (cost per action). eBay Promoted Listings will be linked to success so you’ll only pay when you get a sale.

Pay on results differs from previous ad programs on eBay (such as AdCommerce) where you paid regardless of whether your ad resulted in a sale or not and also incentives eBay to continue to display adverts where buyers purchase and dump adverts for under performing listings which buyers ignore.

eBay Promoted Listings SetAdRateYou can bid between 1% and 20% of the sale price for Promoted Listings. The program will be limited to eBay Shops subscribers and you’ll also have to be an above standard rated seller. This is not a program where dodgy sellers will be able to buy visibility and indeed if you’re listing doesn’t perform well, even if you bid 20% of the sale price, it won’t be promoted.

Initially Promoted Listings will be available to hand picked selected sellers in the US, UK, Germany and Australia and will be for multiple quantity fixed price items.

eBay are putting a ton of effort behind this program so for instance having a great selling item, hiking the price and bidding on Promoted Listings just won’t work. Items that give a great buyer experience will be those promoted and eBay will soon learn if they display your listing and no one buys it.

To start with it’s expected that Promoted Listings will appear at the bottom of search results, but as tests progress other positions on the page may be tested.

eBay Promoted Listings DashboardThere are several use cases where we expect to see sellers use Promoted Listings. One is of course if you have a new or seasonal line and wish to give it a kick start in Best Match. Until you’ve built up a Recent Sales score in Best Match, Promoted listings could be a way to raise the profile of your listing and start building sales velocity.

Another use would be when you have an unbranded or own brand product where buyers won’t search for your brand name, Promoted Listings give you the ability to get your inventory shown when a buyer searches for similar items.

Promoted Listings management will be on the eBay site (at launch there will be no API support so it won’t be accessible in third party tools). Promoted Listings will also be an on-eBay experience, however when asked eBay said that off-site promotion “could be very well something that we could consider down the line”.

We know sellers who loved AdCommerce and were peeved when eBay discontinued that program. We think those sellers will probably think Promoted Listings is even better and want to be among the first to start using them. Currently we’ve only got a link to the eBay.com sign up page, so if you’re interested in participating in Promoted Listings on eBay.com you can register your interest there.

UK sellers don’t need to register their interest – for the pilot eBay will be inviting sellers to participate over the course of the next few months. Information pages will be live on eBay UK in the next few weeks.