Amazon double Add-On order value to £20

Amazon have updated their help pages confirming that they’ll be doubling the minimum order value from £10 to £20 to qualify for free Super Saver Delivery. The minimum spend for books will be £10.

At the same time they’ve doubled the minimum order value for Add-On items, also from £10 to £20.

It’s worth remembering that when the Add-On program was introduced the original Add-On order value had to be £20. This was reduced 6 months later in July 2013 to a minimum order value of £10 for Add-On orders. Now it’s been hiked back to the original level.

The impact of these changes will likely be felt most by sellers of low value items, if your products are classed as Add-On items customers will now have to spend at least twenty quid in order to purchase them. The good news is that when they spend that much they will at least be able to opt for free postage, but will customers be willing to buy enough products to round an order up to £20 just to buy a single £5 product?

Only time will tell and we’d be interested to hear from sellers of low value items on Amazon if you’ve seen a significant change in sales since 2013 when Add-On items were first introduced.

Setting aside Add-On items, Amazon buyers will still be able to complete orders with a total value of less than £20. They’ll just have to pay for delivery with first class being the cheapest option available. The other alternative is of course to cough up for Amazon Prime and receive unlimited one day shipping for free.