New Parcelforce prices for eBay Postage

Parcelforce featWhilst we know that the majority of professional sellers will already have a courier contract, it’s worth noting that Parcelforce have new rates available for all sellers casual or businesses, through eBay Postage.

Previously there was a set rate, but the new offering gives a discount against the old rates for lighter items, although costs have risen slightly for heavier packages.

Parcelforce eBay Postage Rates

Parcelforce 24
Weight Normal price eBay price Discount
2kg to 5kg
5kg to 10kg
10kg to 20kg
20kg to 30kg
Parcelforce 48
Weight Normal price eBay price Discount
2kg to 5kg
5kg to 10kg
10kg to 20kg
20kg to 30kg

Of course you may well be able to negotiate better rates if you wish a direct contract with Parcelforce and open an account. However we know that even sellers who’s products are light enough to regularly use mail services occasionally have the odd heavier item to send or an over sized package, in which case eBay Postage may be the easiest way to access Parcelforce services.