New book: Start a Business for £99 by Emma Jones

Emma Jones, the founder of Enterprise Nation, has published a new book: Start a Business for £99

She distills her years of experience of travelling the country helping people turn a skill or a passion into a sustainable business, into sensible, easy-to-follow steps for people on a budget.

Emma says of her new book: “Five years ago, starting a business was considered a little unusual. Today one in ten domestic properties is home to at least one business and the word ‘start-up’ is an everyday term.”

“In writing this book, I set out to dispel the myth that in order to start-up you need heaps of cash and an MBA. From my experience, taking on debt can be as destructive as it can be helpful. Some of the best businesses I have ever come across were set up by people who kept costs low, started out from home, harnessed technology – often holding down a job while it got off the ground.”

“While the start-up boom has transformed many people’s lives, I thought the time was now right for this book to reach the people who would love to start-up, but don’t know where to begin.”

The book examines how to:

• Come up with a winning idea

• Take an idea from concept to market

• Carry out high-value, low-cost market research

• Develop a professional online presence for less

• Make the most of free technology tools

• Raise profile with no marketing budget required
• Find space and people by borrowing and bartering

You can find out more here.