eBay UK amends delivery date estimates based on postcodes

eBay UK have announced that the estimated delivery dates shown on the site will now be variable based on the postcodes declared by both buyers and sellers.

In an announcement they said:

“From 23 April our estimated delivery dates for certain carrier services will be based on the postcode of the item location the seller has specified as well as the delivery postcode specified by the buyer.

We are making this change to improve the accuracy of delivery estimates. The delivery address postcode used to estimate the date of delivery will be shown along with the item estimated delivery date on the view item page.”

Hopefully this will prove to be a good change with more accurate information being displayed to buyers regarding delivery times and also, equally, act as a defence against unfair defects.

But the proof is always in the pudding and we’d be interested to know if you see a difference. We’ve also asked eBay for more details.