eBay Seller Release: 10p fines scrapped

Seller release and there’s some great news. Having listened to eBay sellers they’re scrapping 10p fines (otherwise known as the Outdated listing fees) previously announced in the latest fee change statement.

eBay say that the intention to clean up old listings is still very much there and that scrapping the punitive fines for listings older than 18 months doesn’t take away from the broader point that relevant contemporary listings perform much better.

We’re pretty sure that in the near future eBay will revisit this and we’d still encourage you to review your listings, especially your older listings which haven’t had a sale in some time. However this will be a very welcome announcement for sellers of products such as books, DVDs, CDs, stamps and postcards where a deep long tail inventory is essential in order to provide choice and selection.

Thank you eBay!