eBay get a sense of humour & blame the robots

eBay Robot emailSomeone at eBay just got a sense of humour and blamed promising deliveries on Easter Bank Holiday dates on “the robots”.

Headlined “BLAME IT ON THE ROBOTS”, their email to buyers informed of the technical glitch and apologised that items may arrive two days later than suggested.

I quite like this email, it might come across as a little light hearted, but it’s different to eBay’s normal rather staid communications and fully takes the blame ending with “the robots have been reprimanded”.

eBay have already told sellers that any defects for ‘item not received’ requests, low detailed seller ratings (DSRs) and/or negative/neutral feedback that they determine was a result of this issue will be removed weekly using an automated process, in line with the eBay Defect Removal Policy.