eBay Business Seller Fees have changed

Don’t forget that eBay fees changed on the 2nd of April, eBay announced four fee changes, some of which have come into effect and others will become effective in the Summer.

Rounding up final value fees

eBay have rounded up fee percentages to a whole number. For example in the homewares category the final value fee will increase from 9.57% to 10%.

Decrease in eBay Premium Service discount

Combined with the increase in final value fees, eBay are decreasing eBay Premium Service discounts from 15% to 10%.

10p listing fine for no sales

This one’s not coming in until the summer, but it’ll affect anyone who has a listing older than 18 months without a sale. The only way to avoid this fee is to get a sale or to cancel the listing.

eBay have promised to provide a tool to identify affected listings ahead of the implementation of the new fee.

Anchor Shops capped at 50,000 listings

Also from this summer, sellers who subscribe to an Anchor Shop will have their free listings capped at 50,000 fixed price listings per month. You’ll be able to list more by paying an additional 5p for each listing over your allowance. Alternatively, eBay will be offering an additional Unlimited Listing Pack which can be purchased separately for £250.

Fee rises are never welcome, but if you generally pay your fees from your PayPal balance, make sure you monitor your fees and have sufficient funds available on your invoice date. The fee rise along with the lowering of the eBay Premium Service discount could make a substantial difference on your next eBay invoice.