DataCaciques Listing Feedback Tool

DataCaciques-Listing-Feedback-ToolHow would you like to present customer feedback on a individual eBay product within the listing itself? That’s exactly what DataCaciques’ Listing Feedback Tool does.

Spotted by Jane Bell, the Listing Feedback Tool adds a small banner to the top of the listing description which pulls previous feedback for the product and when the tab is clicked swaps the description for related feedback.

It’s a simple and elegant solution, although we don’t have any figures for how much of an increase this would generate in sales it looks like it can only instil confidence in buyers. If you use a tool like this we’d love to know what impact it’s had on your sales and if you can attribute any increase in turnover since implementing it.

DataCaciques offer two other tools for eBay businesses, eBay Data Analytics and an Intelligent Cross-Sell tool. Prices start from $4.95 per month.