Amazon removes RRP prices in the UK

Amazon No RRPIt appears that RRP prices on have disappeared. We’re not sure exactly when the vanished, but Tamebay reader John noticed “that this happened for 24 hours around a month ago but the RRP’s have now been removed for over 4 days”.

There could be any number of reasons for this, we’ve seen enough complaints over the years regarding RRPs on eBay, especially on deals. Perhaps Amazon has decided that RRPs are too often largely fictional and simply removed the issue by no longer displaying them.

Amazon RRPAbove is an image of a current Amazon product and here’s what a similar product previously looked like when RRPs were being displayed.

John says “Is this a good change? I don’t think so. As a third party seller it is important for us to show customers their saving against RRP”.

What do you think? Would you prefer RRP prices to be displayed on Amazon or are you not bothered that they’re currently missing?