Amazon detail pages hijacked with sex toys

On many marketplaces such as eBay, you are fully in control of your listings including the image, title, images, description and of course shipping, returns and selling terms. That’s not the case on Amazon where a product detail page exists and Amazon allow multiple sellers to contribute.

If Amazon deem one of your competitors has a better image they’ll use it. Perhaps someone constructs a more relevant title or a better description? Yours will be over-written as Amazon strive for the best product detail page possible.

Tamebay long time friend Liz, of Kidson Talks, explains an issue which occurs due to Amazon’s seller authority algorithm which determines which seller’s contributions will be displayed: “Whoever has the biggest priority on the listing wins on being able to edit the data…this can be a range of factors such as stock, price, feedback etc..A few of my clients have had an issue with this recently from competitors changing a listing to suit THEIR item more but this is the MOST extreme:

Amazon-sex-toy-product-detail-page-spamOf course this is a more unusual example of what can happen, it’s not often we see listings hijacked and replaced with sex toys! However it does very clearly demonstrate the issues of allowing multiple vendors to contribute to a shared product detail page.

Liz tells us “Now this client has to filter through all his listings to make sure they are not sex toys“, obviously causing a large amount of unwelcome work. They have of course also to ensure their inventory is zero on affected listings to ensure they don’t have customers actually ordering sex toys. The seller’s Amazon account is definitely not hacked, Amazon allow this to happen when they enable sellers to contribute to the product detail page.

Do you run into problems of a similar (albeit less graphic nature) when selling on Amazon? What issues do you face with product detail pages being changed by your competitors, which it’s fair to say is often not due to hijacking pages for nefarious means nor intended to disadvantage compeitors. Often it’s just a seller trying to display their own product in the most advantageous manner to win sales.