Add up to 10 photos in eBay returns process

Chris Dunne over at SellerExpress has just spotted an announcement that you can now upload up to 10 images during the returns process.

eBay say that “We all know the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” and “Sharing pictures of your item presents a more effective way for buyers and sellers to resolve issues after the sale. Images are particularly useful in cases where the condition of an item is in question, the item was damaged during shipping, or a replacement item is requested“.

eBay explain that in some cases, the ability to preview photos of an item can help resolve an issue before a return request has been completed—which can save both time and money. In addition to helping facilitate communication between buyer and seller, these photos—accessible by buyer, seller, and eBay customer service—will be permanently attached to the return record.

Good news, and we’ve checked… buyers can also add up to 10 photos to share with their seller on eBay UK as well. (In fact I had to request a return recently for an item which arrived damaged and didn’t realise that there had been a lower limit previously).