Yodel boss blames retailers for raising customer delivery expectations

Dick Stead, Yodel’s executive chairman has blamed retailers for building up customer expectations when it comes to product delivery.

In the interview with Retail Week Stead said that “mega-days” like Black Friday were a particular problem because “you can’t ask parcel carriers to build up the capacity that’s only going to be used three times a year.”

“Retailers haven’t quite grasped you can’t provide next day delivery at this rate. We’re working really hard with retailers at the moment to say ‘Come on guys, there’s a certain limit of capacity for next day delivery’. Reserve it for people who really need it the next day, and for everyone else for goodness sake you’ve had the bargain of a lifetime, but it might take 3-5 days to deliver.”

Retail marketing managers were singled out for particular criticism: “The difficulty is the people working in their supply chains understand it, but their marketers don’t.”