Pelipod home-delivery boxes launched UK wide

Pelipod hmPelipod is now available to consumers across the UK. From today, you can order your own personal connected smart home-delivery box and never miss another online delivery.

Karl Wills, Pelipod CEO commented “Research tells us that over half of all UK consumers will avoid shopping online due to the current home delivery experience often being poor. At Pelipod we feel that home delivery should work without forcing the consumer to wait in for an online order or trek to a collection point if they missed the delivery. With a Pelipod, shoppers will never miss a home delivery of an online order again. Pelipod can even manage parcel collections from your home”.

The durable box is secured outside a customer’s house to prevent theft and automatically emails you when a parcel has been delivered or a return collected. A unique parcel code is generated for each order by the user, who then inserts this code into the delivery address. The Pelipod is sent this code so the courier can key it in to open the pod. As each parcel code is unique, the Pelipod knows exactly which parcel has been delivered. The Pelipod is always locked until accessed with the unique parcel codes allowing for multiple deliveries or collections. Pelipod tracks all deliveries and collections and a camera in the inside lid of the box provides irrefutable photographic evidence of a parcel having been delivered or collected.

This means UK consumers have a solution that delivers the parcel to them at home whether they are there or not. No more missed delivery cards, trips to collection points or relying on neighbours to take in parcels. Pelipod is offering pods on a free 2 months trial, followed by £9.99 a month on a subscription basis with a £15 delivery charge to England and Wales.

You can sign up for a Pelipod on their website.