Have you lost your eBay UK Account Manager?

To say that we’ve been inundated with concerns and complaints here at Tamebay recently from eBay sellers losing vital Acccount Manager customer support would be an understatement.

And aside from what eBay have told us and from what we’ve heard from you, we can’t offer any more than speculation as to what the situation is and how it will benefit sellers (Ahem – Ed.).

It seems to be part of eBay’s cost-cutting staff reduction drive in advance of the eBay/PayPal split to significantly reduce Customer Support personnel. We’ve already noted how customer support staff including account managers have been laid off at eBay UK. The communication with sellers has been shoddy.

We’ve heard from really big sellers, with really big eBay sales (in the region of £2m per annum, for example) who are losing their account managers. These sellers will in future be required to deal with what eBay is calling the “eBay Customer Experience team”. The official line seems to suggest that this is a good thing but we can’t help think the contrary will be true. We suspect that big retail partners, High Street names, will be getting preferential treatment.

Below find the generic email that has gone out to sellers affected by the changes from eBay’s Nicholas Illidge who is Vice President of eBay Merchant Development. We share the email below verbatim and one line leaps out: “We also need to highlight that prior agreements made with your account manager verbally or by email will end on 1st April.”

It seems that many of those sellers who have received the services of an Account Manager in the past have valued that facility. And whilst we have some double-speak on how the new service is superior or at least equal, we can only suspect that it is not considering the widely reported staff cuts at eBay UK.

Here’s the email:

“We’re writing to you to inform you about upcoming changes to how your eBay account will be managed for the remainder of 2015.

Each year eBay merchant operations reviews the portfolio of account managed accounts and, based on a mixture of previous year’s sales performance, your growth potential and available inventory, accounts are allocated to selected support teams.

As a result of this review, from 1st April 2015 your account will now be managed by the eBay Customer Experience team based in Dublin, Ireland. This team of highly experienced agents supports our top 1% of clients and is available to you 8am to 10pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 6pm Saturday to Sunday providing reactive account support for you on such topics as feedback queries, general business development and technical issues.

From 1st April we’ll be transferring your account management to the eBay Customer experience team. This will also be the case for the support you receive from the merchant support team. In addition, the way you contact eBay will be slightly different as calls to the eBay Customer Experience team are routed to specialist teams. Details of the process are listed in the box below.

We also need to highlight that prior agreements made with your account manager verbally or by email will end on 1st April.

Please pass this message on to all your management and team members connected to the eBay account so that they are aware of how your account will be managed and how to contact eBay support from now on.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your custom to date and wish you all the best for your continued trading on eBay

Kind regards
Nicholas Illidge, Vice President, eBay Merchant Development”