GAME launch GAME Marketplace in the UK

Game Marketplace HmGAME is launching GAME Marketplace to compete directly with the likes of Amazon and Rakuten in the UK.

Already live with over 40 sellers, naturally there is a focus on gaming products but “Coming Soon” categories suggest that their goals are more than just appealing to gamers. There are interesting and diverse categories such as Health food and drinks and Herbal products, Confectionery, Lego, Musical instruments, Laptops and Footwear all planned for the site.

Payments will be handled by GAME, so no PayPal or alternative payment systems, at least not at launch. There will also be a rating system where sellers will develop a score based on buyer ratings. There doesn’t appear to be a facility for sellers to rate buyers.

We’ve asked GAME for more details but head office is closed for the day, we’ll bring more information as soon as it’s available. In the mean time, if you’d like to sell on GAME Marketplace you can contact them via