eBay up the ante with auto Italian Title translation

eBay seems to be experimenting with translation. A Tamebay reader has been in touch to say that items that he’s selling on eBay UK, with an Italian shipping option, now have translated titles on eBay Italy in Italian. He wasn’t consulted.

Here’s the UK version of the title.

Italian english

And on eBay Italy it looks like this. (And as you can see in the translated version, there is an option to see the original version of the title in English.)

italian with option

It’s good that eBay is being proactive. Cross-border trade is a huge opportunity and eBay should be greasing the wheels. But, as our correspondent notes: how can we judge the accuracy of such translations and shouldn’t sellers have the option as to whether such translations are made? So much is lost in translation and what happens when there is a disagreement that could hang upon the nuanced meaning of a single word?

There are stacks of translation services out there. And it seems that these things are best done with human oversight so that accuracy can be assured. Otherwise, my hovercraft is full of eels.

How do you feel about auto-translated listings?