eBay UK comment on Customer Support for Sellers

It looks like eBay Customer Support provision is undergoing changes. As we noted last week, some sellers have lost helpful account managers that have been invaluable in the past. eBay Inc. have previously announced a staff cut of 7% this year.

In response to that article from last week, eBay have been in touch and provided this statement, which we publish verbatim:

“eBay partners with sellers of all sizes including many large high street brands as well as smaller sellers. eBay offers a range of different account support arrangements for sellers depending on their needs and these arrangements are reviewed regularly.

While some sellers will continue to receive account management, as of 1st April, more sellers will move to receiving support from the eBay Customer Experience team, which is available seven days a week to support on topics such as feedback queries, general business development and technical issues.

We will be communicating individually with sellers via phone and email from next week, so all our customers will understand if and how they are affected.”

So, it sounds that soon you’ll be hearing more from eBay about support provision. Please do let us know what you hear so we can piece together the bigger picture.

We don’t know to what extent eBay is cutting staff numbers in the various support teams. But suffice to say, sadly, this still looks like a cost-saving exercise from eBay in advance of the eBay/PayPal split.