Would you buy an Apple iCar?

iCar hmThere have been a ton of reports this weekend that Apple are recruiting the talent needed to design a car. Speculation is that by 2020 Apple could release the iCar onto the roads, expected to be an electric battery operated car with a 200 mile radius.

Of course they’ll be up against a ton of competition, Google already have self driving cars in limited operation and by the time Apple come to market in five years time they’ll be playing catch up to everyone else’s self driving electric cars. That however is where Apple excel, they tend never to be first to market with a new product, but take their time and when they eventually release a product it’s polished and finished, not an early release half baked effort.

Apple iCars do however prompt two immediate thoughts – How do you feel about trading in your iCar that cost you tens of thousands every year or so when Apple release an updated model? The original iPhone is pretty much useless today and in just seven years Apple have released eight versions of the iPhone. They’ll either have to radically cut down on releases or make sure the hardware is fully upgradeable from day one.

The other thing that occurs to me is, if there’s one thing that even the most devoted Apple aficionado would have to agree, Apple are pathetically bad at battery technology. I don’t know any iPhone user who can run for a full working day without having to charge their mobile and they don’t get any better with age. Would you really trust Apple to create a battery-efficient car and would you believe the battery life that they claim?

Of course the one outcome that we might see would be that Apple becomes so brilliant at battery technology that a future generation of iPhones have batteries that do last 24 hours, even if you do browse the net or make the occasional phone call.