Neg feedback when the seller shipped too fast!

Negative FeatUnbelievably, The Telegraph carries a story of a buyer who forgot to update her street address on eBay and then wanted to leave negative feedback because the seller shipped before she emailed an address change.

There’s also no one to blame but the buyer herself and sadly sellers can’t leave negative feedback for buyers these days. I’m on the side of the seller, they shipped fast, they shipped to the address on the payments page, if the item didn’t require a signature it’ll probably be delivered in which case PayPal will also back the seller.

I can understand the buyer’s frustration, but I can’t understand why they’re so mad that they think the seller deserves negative feedback for the buyer’s mistake. Fortunately she was “surprised” that eBay protect sellers from deadbeat buyers and wouldn’t let her leave a negative until seven days had passed.

Some sellers richly deserve the negatives they earned. Others such as in this case definitely don’t deserve a negative. Sometimes I just despair of buyers, if they don’t know their own address how the heck is the seller meant to know?

Of course the thing that’s really surprising is that The Telegraph thought a daft buyer prevented from leaving vindictive feedback for her own mistake was newsworthy!

Edited to add: eBay have supplied the following statement

eBay has reviewed this case and was reassured to see that the seller replied to Ms Watt promptly, explaining that the order could not be changed to a different address because it had already been processed, apologising and highlighting that they process thousands of orders and unfortunately are not able to alter an order once it has been sent to the warehouse. They explained the item would most likely be returned as undeliverable as she no longer lived there, a refund would be issued as soon as that happened, and apologised for any inconvenience. It is important to check the address before purchasing an item.”