eBid’s plans for 2015

eBid FeateBid have announced a website revamp for 2015 which will see them launch “a sparkly new website, but that website will be optimized and viewable on any device, be it a phone, tablet, phablet, laptop or desktop computer”. They say that it will be easier than ever to buy and sell on the site.

They are also updating their iOS and Android mobile apps, a faster and smoother app with much improved in-app messages will be coming in 2015.

Photo storage will also be increased, eBid will keep images live on the site for 365 days after the listing closes. Previously this was just 75 days.

At the same time they’ve rolled out their half price membership with a free t-shirt, you can sign up for £49.99 in February. To access the offer you need to upgrade to SELLER or any other SELLER+ option and the Lifetime offer will appear for 24hrs. As an added bonus all previous SELLER+ payments you’ve already made will also be deducted from the offer price.

We know not to many Tamebay readers actively sell on eBid and the thing we’re always most interested in is will you get sales on the site. Andy of Kreativebargains is the seller with the highest turnover that we’re aware of and previously shared some tips on how to get sales. eBid recognise that their sellers can drive much of their traffic and have a blog section dedicated to helping sellers use social media to attract sales.

Finally if you do sell on eBid you need to ensure that your listings are compliant with Google Shopping requirements. If you make sure they meet the criteria eBid will updoad them to Google Shopping and that’s probably the easiest way to ensure you get some value from your £49.99 lifetime membership.

If you’re already selling successfully and making a decent profit on eBid we’d love to hear from you. Are you selling more than £1000/month on the site?