eBay category display vanishes from listings

eBay Listing FrameSellers have been complaining for a couple of days that their category display (known as the “Nav Bar” or “Left Navigation Bar” is disappearing from their listings.

Known as the eBay Listing Frame, many sellers select eBay’s recommendation to display a shop header in their listings which can include a search box, shop page links and sign up link to email marketing, along with a category display down the left hand side of their listings. Now that Nav Bar has gone AWOL.

eBay customer support are acknowledging the issue, but currently haven’t been able to advise of a fix date.

Seeing as this is a recommended eBay setting, one can only surmise that having it missing will affect sales. Having said that it doesn’t display on eBay mobile so it won’t be impacting mobile sales. However whilst mobile sales are increasing rapidly, there are still a very large proportion of sales taking place on laptops and desktops and that’s where the sales impact will be seen.

Have you still got your listing frame complete with left hand Nav Bar, or have your categories gone AWOL?