The top 10 marketplace sellers on Amazon UK

Meet the top 10 UK Marketplace sellers on Amazon thanks to WebRetailer.


We’re pleased to get this info from Andy Geldman at Webretailer. Check out the full report here.

Andy Geldman is open about how he is measuring this parade and also about how it can have shortcomings: “The sellers here are ranked by feedback. We’ve used feedback received in the past 12 months, so sellers of highly seasonal products shouldn’t be at an advantage. Feedback isn’t a direct measure of success, of course, but it is an indicator of sales volume. Amazon says that most sellers receive feedback on 10% – 20% of their sales, so the number of units sold is likely to be 5x to 10x more than the feedback shown below.”

His article is well worth attention if you’re an EU Amazon seller. Click through to see who your competition is and check out who you’re competing with internationally too.

We’ve always said Amazon is a competitive marketplace. Some of this data will be invaluable if you are competing on Amazon.