Kickstarter ditch Amazon Payments for Stripe

Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has ditched Amazon payments for Stripe as its preferred payment partner over in the US.

Stripe is really doing well in the online payments stakes Stateside, although they have made little impact over here so far. There they already process payments for Facebook, Twitter, Lyft, Shopify, TaskRabbit, Instacart, Rackspace, Postmates, Handybook, Salesforce, OpenTable, Bigcommerce, Reddit, SquareSpace and WuFoo. You can see the full selection of Stripe partners here.

The company says: “Stripe will help Kickstarter’s users reach a broader audience and see higher conversion rates from backers anywhere in the world – especially those coming from mobile devices.”

It’s a blow for PayPal and the Stripe conversion on Kickstarter will be ready by late next week apparently.

The need for speed is of key concern it seems. Stripe is just quicker: Amazon Payments takes several days to set up and Stripe takes just a few minutes.

We’re very interested in these new payment systems here at Tamebay but must note that in the UK they have been very slow to make an impact. See also iZettle.