Is Live Chat your preferred support choice?

bqool featBQool, who offer seller tools for Amazon sellers, are the latest company to add live chat support to their website, giving visitors an opportunity to engage directly with one of their support technicians. The chat can be found at the bottom of the web page.

Chat with a technician is available Monday through Friday between 9 AM to 2 AM PST. It is free of charge and is open to any visitors to the site. Email support will still be available.

I was interested in this because I see chat sessions on so many websites nowadays, we even hear from many Tamebay readers who use eBay’s Live Chat, which always seems strange to me – I tend to just pick up the phone if I need to speak to customer support (although back in the days of named account managers I always used used Skype).

Live chatDo you like live chat services on websites? Is it a good way to communicate with the companies whose services you use or do you have other preferred methods of communication such as telephone or email? Do you offer Live Chat to your customers on your website?

Peter Kuo, Business Relationship Manager at BQool explains why they chose to add live chat. He says: “We’ve got a great product, and we have great customer service to back that up. The livechat allows our agents to respond quickly to any questions our clients may have.