Is eBay planning job cuts?

With the impending divorce of eBay and PayPal coming in the third quarter of 2015, it seems there are a number of rumours doing the rounds about whether eBay marketplaces is planning job cuts in anticipation of making it a more attractive buy out object.

The Wall Street Journal leads the way with claims that about 10% of the workforce could be laid off. That’s about 3000 people globally and, needless to say, the most numerous employees at eBay are those in Customer Support.

eBay is no stranger to an employee cull every now and again. Indeed some insiders will comment that eBay makes a merit of continual reorganisations. In 2008, eBay/PayPal let 1600 members of staff go.

On the run up to the divorce Devin Wenig, head of Markeplaces, and set to become independent eBay’s CEO, has said: “There will be changes; there will be significant changes.”

We’ll see what that means in due course, I suppose.