Interlink reduces fuel surcharge. Anyone else?

Earlier this month we noted the falling price of vehicle fuel in Britian, driven by a global reduction in crude oil prices.

In the article we went on to say that with that fall in prices, a commensurate reduction in courier fuel surcharges should surely follow. You had lots to say about that. Check out the comments.

We’re pleased to report today, as pointed out by Andy on the previous article, that as of the 19th January (next Monday), Interlink will be reducing their fuel surcharge from 7.75% to 6.8%. They have made this announcement with little fanfare and no details here on their website.

This is obviously good news and every price cut is a welcome price cut and those pennies can add up.

But the question remains: will other courier and carriers follow suit and reduce their fuel surcharges?

Have you heard anything on the grapevine that other Tamebay readers should know about?