eBay Q414 and 2014 results round up

eBay Inc FeatOn Wednesday night, eBay released its results for the final quarter of 2014 and the whole of 2014. We’ve gathered together some links that explore the earnings and some of the announcements. We published ebay’s own top-level info graphic on the night.

And there are more headlines. eBay is to shed 7% of staff, a total of 2400. eBay Enterprise is due to be spun off as well as PayPal and there are new appointments to the board.

Forbes has an excellent summary called “eBay Announces Plans To Shed Jobs, Units In Q4 Earnings Report“.

As always, we recommend Scot Wingo of Channel Advisor for his digest of results from the perspective of a seller.

Reuters looks more closely at the eBay Enterprise sale: eBay may sell enterprise unit ahead of PayPal split.

The job cuts attracted the most headlines. Here the BBC take a sober look at the 2400 job losses that may occur as early as this quarter.

Quartz have published this piece about Carl Icahn’s role and power at eBay in recent months in a provocatively titled piece: The eBay you grew up with is dead. Cause of death: Carl Icahn

Happy reading!