As fuel prices fall, will your carrier reduce their fuel surcharge?

As anyone who fills up at the pumps will know, the price of vehicle fuel has dropped considerably in recent months. That’s good news for lots of people.

And as one of Tamebay’s readers correctly noted in an email when he got in touch with us over the weekend: isn’t it time to start asking the question why postal and courier fuel surcharges haven’t been reduced too?

He wrote: “As fuel prices have fallen to a six year low I have been wondering why these fuel surcharges haven’t fallen. They go up quick enough but surely they should fall as well? I am about to challenge my suppliers over this. Interlink currently charge me 7%!”

It’s a good question. Are you subject to a fuel surcharge from a courier? Have they reduced it now the commodity prices for oil have fallen? If not, why not?

We urge you to contact your courier and find out what’s going on with fuel surcharges. And let us know the results so we can follow up. 🙂