10k sign petition in protest at eBay sales of Charlie Hebdo

An online petition has called on eBay, Amazon and Priceminister to stop selling copies of the Charlie Hebdo “survivors’ edition magazine on their marketplaces for big prices.

The petition called “Retirez les ventes de “Charlie Hebdo” à prix exorbitants sur vos sites” (Stop the sale of Charlie Hebdo at exorbitant prices on your sites), was started in France.

One question springs to mind. What is an exorbitant price? Above face value? More than that? We just don’t know.

And if you look on eBay UK you’ll get an idea that a few days on, the prices are much diminished. Last week there were some silly amounts being asked but not so much now.

And eBay have been clear. They will be permitting the sale of such magazines on their marketplaces in the UK and France and around the world.

They say: “eBay would like to offer its deepest condolences to the people of France at this time. eBay is an open market place that does not impose restrictions around the price of items for sale, but reserves the right to remove from its site any listing that is against the principles and values of eBay’s community. eBay’s teams will continue to monitor for any listings related to this tragedy to ensure they comply with our policies.”

Needless to say, we at Tamebay think there are other problems to worry about. We sympathise with the friends and family of those who were murdered at the Charlie Hebdo offices and beyond the week before last. But the issue in play is surely freedom of speech and how vital that is in a liberal western context.

So we say remember Raid Badawi. He’s blogger in Saudi Arabia who has been sentenced to 1000 lashes because he has called for things we in the West take for granted. If you write anywhere, comment on this blog or just speak out loud down the pub you are exercising the rights for which he will be punished.

We are going to keep mentioning Raif Badawi here on Tamebay.

Find out more at Amnesty.