Yodel suspend all collections

We’ve had a tip off from Tamebay reader Andy that Yodel have suspended all collections. Due to unprecedented parcel volumes Yodel they won’t be picking up any more parcels until Monday 15th December at the earliest.

Yodel collections suspendedAs well as affecting all direct Yodel customers, this will also affect retailers who use sites such as DespatchBay, Parcel2Go and other parcel booking sites who normally offer Yodel as an option. If you look at the Parcel2Go website today they’ve updated messaging to Yodel collections on Monday “If you book in the next 102 hours”!

Of course it’s likely that if people simply carry on booking collections for Monday, that Yodel still won’t be able to cope with volumes. The only sensible course of action is to kick in your shipping plans with alternative couriers.

Amazon TrackingIt’s worth bearing in mind that it’s not just Yodel who are struggling to keep up with parcel volumes. Amazon also have hit capacity and earlier suspended next day delivery for their customers. Products I purchased from Amazon on the 1st of December were scheduled to be delivered on the 4th – Thursday last week. They eventually turned up yesterday, a full five days late. This sort of tardy service is unheard of from Amazon but is simply the result of more people shopping online than ever before.

Yodel have told retailers that they are running out of trailers as they are currently parked up and full with the backlog and in order to process this backlog and reposition the trailer fleet they have to postpone all Service Centre Collections. They added that by taking this drastic step they are confident that will be in a position to resume normal operations on Monday with 24h packages entering their network scheduled for delivery the following day.

Yodel volumes will also likely impact Collect Plus deliveries who have a note on their website saying “We are still seeing higher than planned parcel volumes on all our services, unfortunately resulting in some deliveries taking up to 3 days longer than usual”.

Whilst it’s regrettable that Yodel have hit capacity it’s not through lack of preparation. They’ve put an extra 200 HGVs and 500 trailers on the road to prepare for Christmas as well as an additional 13 sites to handle the predicted increase in parcel volumes. They’ve also been stock piling rock salt, snow shovels, ice melt, de-icer scrapers and even snow ploughs to ensure the trucks keep moving.

It would appear that there are simply way more parcels than ever being shipped and the estimated 15% increase Yodel prepared for has been surpassed. However on the plus side their communications on website and through their partners has been excellent. Whilst you may be cursing that you have to find an alternative courier, at least they’ve taken steps to stop capacity problems snowballing and they’ve let us all know we need to put our emergency plans into action.

We have just heard from Dick Stead, executive chairman of Yodel who told us:
We are working hard to process the unprecedented volume of parcels, which are due to the recent, well documented, retail promotions.

There is no suspension to our delivery service and we are working with all our clients to manage the flow into our network across this Thursday and Friday. This will include a temporary suspension on some of our collections, with normal service being resumed across Friday, the weekend and into next Monday“.