Would you hire The Apprentice’s SEO firm?

Last night Australian Mark Wright won The Apprentice to become Alan Sugar’s 10th apprentice and a £250,000 investment in his digital marketing business.

Apart from enjoying the inevitable carnage of the tasks which we all know we could do better, this is the first time an Apprentice winner has been of further interest to ecommerce professionals. Mark aims to set up a digital marketing agency aimed at small to medium sized business to boost their presence on search engines or as Sir Alan Sugar puts it “Get them up the pecking order”.

Hailing London as the land of opportunity, Mark is no doubt a stellar sales man and already a success in selling digital marketing, but his claim to be the most knowledgeable in the land will now be put to the test, as will his business acumen, it’s a very different proposition running a digital marketing agency to being the top sales person in a digital marketing agency.

There’s a lot of competition out there as well, and no doubt the first thing Mark will struggle with will be his chosen company name, that’s if he’s not forced to change it before he even launches. A Google search (yes the leading search engine he wants to help people up the pecking order on).

There’s already a website climbonline.co.uk (unsurprisingly about rock climbing), but even worse there’s already a digital marketing agency based in Portsmouth called Climb Digital, so that URL has been claimed too! Whilst a URL isn’t what will make or break a company, it certainly helps to be able to claim your natural URL so a name change might be Mark’s best course of action.

The big question of course is would you engage Mark to do your SEO. He’s promising a named account manager and monthly face to face meeting which isn’t the norm for most SEO companies.

What do you want from an SEO company? Do you even use one currently or could Mark Wright be the person who convinces you to focus on SEO in 2015?