Thank you for all your support in 2014

As is traditional here at Tamebay, we’ll be taking a little break between Christmas and New Year. Don’t worry, we’ll report on anything terribly important or urgent that comes in. But everything else we’ll be saving up for the the New Year.

We hope that you too will get some rest and relaxation and enjoy some Christmas cheer with your loved ones over the next few days, regardless of your religion or creed.

And at Christmas we like to take a moment to say Thank You.

Tamebay is absolutely nothing without you, our readers. All your comments, suggestions, ideas and tip offs are vital and we’d like to take a moment to thank you for taking the time to get in touch. We couldn’t do it without you. Please keep ’em coming in 2015.

And there’s also the vital support we get from our advertisers which is very much appreciated, and without whom we couldn’t dedicate so much time to Tamebay. Thanks.

And there are more than a few long suffering PRs and managers and business owners who we pester all year round for comments and stories. We hope you don’t dread our emails and calls. But without all the input you give us we couldn’t hope to be as authoritative a source of news and information as we are.

So thank you to all you all. And best wishes.

Chris Dawson and Dan Wilson