More details on the City Link collapse

city link

The administrators of City Link, EY, have posted a statement on the City Link webiste. Here it is verbatim:

“On 24 December 2014 City Link Limited was placed into Administration and Hunter Kelly, Charles King and Tom Lukic of EY were appointed joint administrators.

The business has ceased to accept new parcels from customers and its depots will remain open for a short period of time to enable customers or intended recipients to collect parcels. Those customers who placed parcels with City Link on Christmas Eve for delivery are urged to go to the depot to retrieve their parcels as soon as possible. Any intended recipients who have been notified of a failed delivery are also urged to go to the depot to collect their parcel as soon as possible. The depots will reopen following the Christmas holiday break on Monday 29 December 2014 to enable parties to collect parcels.

City Link will no longer be able to deliver any further parcels and customers are urged to make alternative arrangements for future deliveries.

The on line system to access parcel tracking and therefore check on the whereabouts of your parcel is still live and should be used to identify if you need to collect your parcel and where it is located. In addition , the normal help line telephone numbers remain live and they will be open on Saturday 27 December and from Monday 29th December.”

This represents a ball-ache for sellers with parcels in the system. The best advice is to contact your buyers as soon as possible and explain. It’s worth asking for consideration. If you can provide them with details of where their purchases are, so much the better. Who knows how long the depots will remain open?

It would be good if eBay was considerate on DSRs on affected parcels. We’ve asked about that.

We’d also be interested in hearing from any sellers regarding their experiences here. Is the online console still effective? Will the depots definitely be open on Monday as promised and are there staff there? Is there any customer support at all?

It’s hard not to feel for the 2700 staff and 1000 or so contractors who heard the news that City Link had gone into administration on Christmas Day. There’s no good day to learn you will likely be made redundant. But it’s very cruel that the news emerged on Christmas day. Apparently the company itself didn’t contact staff individually and some union reps have said they delivered the news. Others obviously just found out on the TV news.

The BBC has put together some voxpops from affected staff that make for uncomfortable reading. This article details the locations affected and how many jobs are located there. HQ in Coventry and depots in Hatfield, Warrington and Heathrow will lay off the most workers. There are 53 City Link depots in all.

It seems that in the increasingly competitive world of couriers, that this is the first casualty of the price war.