Letter from Yodel Chairman explains current problems

A Tamebay reader, and Yodel user, who has asked to remain incognito received a note from Yodel’s Execuitive Charirman Dick Stead this afternoon and it’s worth sharing.

The full text is screen grabbed and posted below but these paragraphs leapt out to me: “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” exceeded all analysts’ expectations and in many cases orders for UK retailers were double the previous record level set last year. This sales period continued beyond last week and into this week, when we saw “Manic Monday” campaigns follow hard on the heels of previous promotions, driving parcel volumes.

We know that many retailers are still picking and packing orders taken over a week ago and orders continue to come in. The net impact of these extended sales is that parcel volumes destined for the UK remain significantly higher than forecast. The natural consequence for us all has been a sudden increase in demand throughout the entire distribution pipeline. This has led to a number of localised issues and general strain across the carrier industry.”

In short, a thing that has consistently got bigger year on year for the past decade, got bigger. But bigger than we expected. It’s a bit of a cop-out and specifically calls out increased volumes rather than a lack of preparedness as the cause behind their suspension of collections for up to four days for some users.

It’s also short on apology, indeed any contrition. It also doesn’t say how they will be redoubling efforts to get back on track as soon as possible.

Here’s the full text: