Is M&S struggling with Click & Collect?

Last Saturday (22nd November), I ordered two shirts from Marks and Spencer’s on a Click & Collect basis. I could have opted for a Monday collection but instead found Tuesday more convenient.

The shirts were due for collection by me on the 25th but on the 24th I was informed they wouldn’t be available for collection until Thursday the 27th. Clearly not a massive problem but not ideal. I didn’t need them in a rush. I didn’t think much of it.

Then we received a note from someone asking if Marks and Spencer’s delivery service was suffering issues. It seemed like a bit more than a coincidence. The email reads:

“I ordered some bits and pieces online last night (25th November), as you do, and was told delivery would be Friday. The 5th!!! Giving them today to pick/pack/despatch, that’s 7 working days! To be fair, they did flag at point of checkout that they have delivery problems, but still….

“I guess I should be more reasonable – it IS Christmas peak period after all, they’re bound to be busy. I should be more patient! The fact that they’ve had a year to prepare for the rush is neither here nor there. How much business are they losing with such ridiculous delivery turnaround times?”

So, two isolated cases. Or has anyone else had problems with Marks and Sparks recently on C&C or delivery?