eBay launch updated iPad App

eBay has updated their iPad buying app in the past day. So if you use it, download the new one. It’s looking good and is available globally now in the App Store.

ebay ipad 2-EN

Apparently nearly two-thirds of eBay users (59%) are multi-screen shoppers. So keeping the various eBay experiences updated is vital.

eBay say: “The new eBay for iPad app takes the curated browse and discovery experience introduced last year with Collections even further. It is immersive, browse-able and multi-touch, with an emphasis on content, an elevated design aesthetic, personalization, and easier shopping from the start page to checkout.”

ebay ipad1-EN

“Our aspiration is to make eBay the most inspiring place to shop,” says RJ Pittman, chief product officer at eBay. “The eBay for iPad app is an important step on our journey. It delivers a better shopping experience for buyers and better merchandising capabilities for sellers.” It would be interesting to hear from sellers as to whether this is true.

ebay ipad 5-EN

“We approached the development the new iPad app in a more agile way than ever before. We want to bring more improvements to our customers faster, and solicit their feedback early in the product lifecycle. We will use our customers’ feedback to improve the quality and pace of innovation at eBay,” Pittman says.

ebay ipad 3-EN

Thus far the iPad apps eBay has released have been good for buying but less useful selling interfaces with some key functions omitted. It would be very useful to hear from sellers regarding how this new app lives up to the claims.