Black Friday 2015: Amazon UK’s biggest day

So, here in the UK, Black Friday is a thing now. UK consumers have taken to buying energetically on the day after US Thanksgiving and even getting into fist-fights in shops to bag deals.

Amazon have reported that Friday last, Black Friday, was their best ever day for sales in the UK. They sold 5.5 million products which means something like 64 items sold per second. Hopefully if you’re an Amazon seller, you saw some great sales too on the back of that frenzy.

Amazon’s VP EU Retail, Xavier Garambois, said: “Ever since we introduced Black Friday to the UK in 2010, sales have increased year-on-year but this year really has surpassed all of our expectations.

“The public’s appetite for Black Friday has been bigger than ever, kicking off the Christmas shopping period in earnest and establishing Black Friday as a fixture on the UK Christmas shopping calendar.”

So what’s next? Well, eBay have said that Sunday (Super Sunday) was going to be their biggest day. And as far as we can see they have managed to keep the site up and running without a fall over this weekend. So that’s good news.

Today Monday (Cyber Monday) will be a big deal too for all ecommerce. People who get salaries have been paid and we’re in the final stretch before Christmas. People are ready to spend. This should be the best week for online sellers all year.

How’s it been for you so far? Are you doing well out of Christmas 2014?