Barclaycard unveil new payment method by gloves

Bringing a whole new meaning to contactless payments, Barclaycard are trialling a new way to pay this Christmas. You can now pony up by glove.

pay by gloves

The new “tap and pay” gloves mean people will be able to pay using woollen gloves as you would with a contatless card. The payment mechanism is woven into the fabric of the garments.

Embedded within the Barclaycard gloves is a small contactless chip linked to a credit or debit card. Like contactless cards, the gloves can be used to pay for transactions of up to £20. You don’t need to enter a PIN.

Contactless payments are increasingly popular for low value transactions. 45 million contactless cards are apparently in circulation already and 300k outlets will let you use them in the UK. Contactless terminals require no conversion to make them compatible with the gloves.